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Can mobile operators learn from McDonalds to tap into the $47bn upsell opportunity?

By November 25, 2014 No Comments

It’s relevant – very unlikely that you’d be offered fries if you ordered only a coffee, and it’s timely – not much point in offering fries 10 minutes later when you’ve finished your hamburger. And it’s personalised – the order taker is dealing with you and you alone in the 20 seconds it takes to process your order. It’s immediate, it’s personalised and it’s relevant. In other words it’s context aware.

Mobile operators know customer context. They know location to deliver service, they know what services a customer is using and how they’re using these services. Add to that the other information that operators have on customers –their spending patterns, their likelihood to churn, their value, etc, and operators have a rich set of customer intelligence on which to trigger marketing offers.

When it comes to marketing and selling timing is everything. Offers that are timely and relevant have a far greater chance of being picked up than one that is an hour or a day late.  Tying marketing offers, direct to the device, to real-time customer behaviour could be the key to operators increasing data revenues by 15% – which equates to a global mobile opportunity of $47 billion – based on global annual service revenues of $1.1 trillion, and data representing 31% of service revenues.

This was one of the main findings in a survey of 85 mobile operators that Openet carried out in October 2014. This survey, along with Openet’s RTOM (real-time offer management) solution was launched in mid-November and it’s fair to say that the response has been very positive. RTOM also picked up the over best new telecoms product, as well as the best BSS solution at the recent Fierce Wireless Innovation awards.

My colleague Corine Suscens will be running a webinar with on real-time contextual offers on December 10th. Register here for the webinar – I’ve had a preview, and it’s well worth attending.