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Hope is not a strategy

By April 9, 2015 No Comments


There are many challenges facing operators and time to market is certainly one recurring requirement and theme of many vendor presentations. Agility is key to any business’ success. Making new proposition launches accessible is key to success and combined with triggers driven by real-time data and analytics, can be a Proposition Managers dream.

Gaining real-time insights into what users are doing right now on the network is hugely valuable, especially when you can combine them with historical analysis.

There are many ways to use ‘right now, right time data’ to make offers timely and relevant. For example, operators can target users who are using their entire bandwidth entitlement with a speed boost. They could target users whose usage is dropping at the end of a bill cycle because they are nursing their package to last the full month with a volume booster. But, it’s not just about offering limited time service passes – Operators can upsell to higher tiered plans by targeting users who, right now, have consistently exceeded their base package entitlements for the 3rd month in a row with a higher base plan.

In the same way that operations teams are used to seeing dashboards of their systems, why not provide marketing teams with dashboards of their market performance? Knowing right now what is happening to your latest propositions, how they are performing in terms of impressions, how many of these are being converted and how many fall at that the commitment hurdle is hugely valuable. Better again, the ability to target specific groups with different flavours of offers to determine which performs best before going above the line with a full campaign.

Having real-time data driving analytics also allows you to report on performance anomalies. If the uptake drops off a cliff, you need to know quickly so you can start pin-pointing the reason and fixing it. If uptake spikes, it may be time to increase the price of the offer as it is obviously resonating with subscribers and you may be able to extract more value.

As operators consolidate to Real-Time Charging and Policy Control, it’s time to exploit real-time as much as possible. Having real-time visibility of how subscribers use services is the key to building compelling propositions. Also, operators can take this one stage further to develop closed loop analytics, so that they are constantly learning and updating based on the performance of marketing campaigns and offers. Combining real-time data with historical data from an analytics platform with a real-time offer solution makes it the right time, right offer for the right subscriber – Which is a lot more strategic than relying on hope.