Built for Change

April 8, 2020 - Niall Norton

Openet CEO, Niall Norton, discusses why Openet’s messaging of ‘Built for Change’ reflects how the telecoms industry is evolving to be faster, more agile and prepared for the new opportunities that digital and 5G is presenting.

Last week I had a call with one of our customers about the success of a new digital brand they had just launched. We were both very impressed with the number of customers signing up for this digital first service. The success of digital first mobile services is just one of the many changes that’s happening in our industry today.

Now everything is on-line. We are moving to increasingly cashless society and to true digital service convergence, where telcos are partnering with an increasing range of partners to offer a range of services from entertainment to insurance to healthcare. Any service that can be accessed via a mobile device has potential to become a revenue stream for service providers. We’ll see more partnerships and new business models all supported by real-time AI driven systems that provide the foundation for service providers to play a central role in providing a range of digital services to their customers. Digital transformation is just starting and the rate of change is only going to increase.

And then there’s 5G.

The potential for 5G is mind blowing. The potential list of use cases from B2C, B2B and B2B2X as well as providing the foundation for connected societies and industry 4.0 is huge. But with 5G the key to success will be ability of service providers to be able to plan for the unexpected. No-one knows if there will be one use case that beats all others. There probably won’t, but there will be many, many new ideas for new services. Some will be successful, some won’t. But it’s the ability to rapidly launch, manage, monetise and analyse 5G services that will characterise those who will be most successful with 5G. To do this service providers need to evolve to be able to quickly accommodate and embrace change. The vendors who support the service providers also need to be able to provide the foundation for change.

Openet is Built for Change. Three years ago we made the decision to go back and re-write all our software from scratch. Working with some of the largest and most innovative service providers gave us an insight into the changes that were coming down the line.  As a result our software is cloud-native, 5G compliant and designed along the lines of Open Digital Architecture. This means increased efficiency and agility for our customers. 

Being an agile company we were able to quickly evolve and not only rewrite our software but also adjust our operating models to be ready for the change in the telecoms industry. As a result of this evolution Openet is a stronger position to enable our customers to succeed and turn the opportunities from digital and 5G services into revenue growth.

The industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. New challenges and opportunities are appearing on an almost daily basis. It is only by having the foundation of being built for change and the ability to rapidly evolve to meet new opportunities will vendors and service providers successfully grow. To quote Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Looking at the changing telecoms landscape I think this quote is more relevant that ever before.

Niall Norton, CEO Openet


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