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App usage vs. websites: 7x more engagement – and consumers are willing to pay for it

By June 26, 2013 No Comments

For most mobile users, a typical day consists of checking email, browsing social networking sites, listening to music, reading news and interacting with friends—all without using a browser. Consumers want to use their phone when they want to, how they want to, and are willing to open up their wallets and pay more for apps they frequently use.

A recent study from Arbitron Mobile Trends confirms that users are browsing less, and relying heavily on apps with app usage capturing nearly 7x more engagement than websites.

Take Facebook for example:

Sixty-seven percent of wireless subscribers use Facebook, with an average use time of more than 360 minutes per month. That’s more than six hours of mobile Facebook usage per month, per user!

Although consumers crave the latest updates from their Facebook news feeds, they don’t want to be hit with an exorbitant bill at the end of the month. To this point, it has become clear that to prevent any issues, consumers are willing to pay to prevent overages. Studies show that users are willing to pay for unlimited app access even if they weren’t exceeding their data volume threshold in the first place. What they are paying for is a type of insurance against bill shock.
Now is the time for operators to capitalize on this opportunity. Offering unlimited access to popular applications like Facebook for a monthly fee is not only a benefit for consumers, but can also be lucrative for operators. Operators that provide this type of Dynamic Services offering report increased user satisfaction, no net impact on network volume and a consistent source of revenue.
By crafting offerings to better meet customer needs, operators are instilling a strong sense of loyalty in subscribers, while benefiting monetarily – a win-win scenario.