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The satellite industry is at a critical inflection point. Technology advances such as the opening of new bands, adaptive coding and high-throughput spot beams mean that broadband satellite services are on par with terrestrial broadband. These developments, combined with lower-cost satellites and terminals, is creating an opportunity for satellite providers to expand the range of products and services they offer to both consumers and enterprises, including access services for remote regions, connectivity for IoT devices and terrestrial backup for mission-critical services.

Openet’s history and credentials in the communications market make us a logical strategic partner to the satellite industry. We have a broad portfolio of products and solutions that are optimized for these new opportunities, enabling broadband satellite providers to do the following:

  • Deliver differentiated service bundles for consumers, including content packages and bolt-ons such as speed boosts

  • Maximize video revenue via audience measurement

  • Support value-added enterprise services such as content filtering, security, bandwidth optimization and videoconferencing

  • Execute on IoT strategies with an end-to-end solution that includes device/network analytics, QoS control, security and asset assurance



In this whitepaper, we look at the key building blocks that satellite providers will need to effectively disrupt and compete with their terrestrial counterparts.

Satellite's New Odyssey: Opportunities for Disruption