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Mobile Service Providers

Mobile service providers are changing. They are selling many different services from TV, to music, to banking and home automation and even some telecoms services. They need to be able to quickly develop new offers and services, launch them and start generating revenue. New competition from internet companies and the need to operate much more agile and leaner models is driving change. This is having a huge impact on the size, the timescales in Digital Business Platform projects. The days of drawn out projects with massive costs is over. Mobile service providers need a rapid return on investment and they want to implement solutions that deliver quick wins that meet their priorities.


Openet’s range of open solutions are built on a cloud native digital enablement framework that enable a fast time to value approach to Digital Business Platforms. Using microservices Openet can deliver solutions down to individual use case level that are integrated with existing legacy BSS stacks and network elements. This approach, along with our track record of delivering more than 96% of our projects on time and on budget, provides the agility and fast time to value that mobile service providers want.

Trusted by the Leading Mobile Service Providers

Openet has been provided mission critical real-time solutions for many of the world’s most innovative mobile service providers.