5G means the enablement of a much more open, flexible and extremely powerful ecosystem. Vast improvements to latency, speed, coverage, capacity and density mean that it is opening up a huge range of new enablement and revenue opportunities for service providers across a wide range of under-served sectors that are themselves increasingly anticipating the power of 5G. Further opportunities are still to be imagined but thereby represent extremely valuable potential for differentiation – as long as they can flexibly be addressed. This is how Openet is enabling a more powerful 5G.

5G  takes Digital BSS to another level. The systems that service providers use to manage and monetise services will need to step up to cater for the many new advances that 5G delivers.
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5G Unleashed

As 5G hype is being replaced with the real-world requirements of getting services live, service providers run the risk of being overwhelmed by the sheer range of service possibilities. In addition to existing requirements to digitise as well as commercial demands to diversify and simply be more relevant, 5G can seem like another burden rather than a set of amazing opportunities. With Openet 5G enablement you have the freedom to more flexibly create new business and/or gracefully evolve existing business rather than continuously fire-fight.

Responding to 5G potential

5G provides a richer, more open ecosystem than ever before together with more devices and form factors. It is evolving much faster than 4G did. Each opportunity will have its own requirements for the 5G network and users will be less forgiving than ever before. Openet’s 5G solutions have been built with flexibility requirements of this richer ecosystem in mind. We are not simply using best practices for continuous development (CI/CD), microservices and cloud that 5G requires but also best practice in terms of programme management and years of development, testing, deployment and refinement in live environments. Openet is a participant in the 3GPP standard-setting for 5G but is the leader in terms of combined best practice and application of open-source toolsets as necessary.

Best in Class or Best in Suite?

According to TM Forum, 72% of revenue from service enablement and creation is dependent on B/OSS transformation. Openet’s solutions have been benchmarked by Tier-1 providers as being the best there is in terms of Charging or Policy capability. But the power of combining Policy and Charging Control (PCC) provides further synergy still. A flexibly deployable microservices-based set of enablers that can be self-managed, extended and scaled to meet your particular requirements and bridging the requirements of both network and IT. Whether you require point solutions to begin with or choose to evolve via adjunct capability or full transformation, Openet has the toolsets, integration experience, partners, case studies and enriched-data capabilities for these environments to more rapidly and effectively achieve your objectives.


Smarter Enterprise & IoT

Not only is Openet standing out as the best Policy and Charging Control provider but it has integrated with “best in suite” partners, including Samsung, Dell, HPE, AWS, Azure and Salesforce for the demands of the more open and flexible world of 5G. This provides an end-to-end range of ultra-flexible capabilities that are more performant, open and flexible than ever before and could not have been imagined before the advent of 5G. It is a more powerful alternative for service providers to the monolithic network build and migrations of bygone eras. The much talked-about slicing and sub-slicing capability for enterprise and IoT truly come to life in such an environment. Where enterprises require it and have spectrum access, they can even use Openet as a single point of contact for a full stack but with more flexibly capability.

Migration Optimality

Most service providers will need 3G/4G assets as backup and in-fill for 5G for years to come. Some providers will even see the capacity of those earlier assets improve as 5G rolls out. Whatever your starting point or objectives, Openet will provide the scalable value and flexibility you need. Its generation-bridging capabilities (Diameter to REST and REST to Diameter considerations) are already smoothening the path. Continuous developments are ensuring a library of microservices that serve as “updates” rather than upgrades with backward compatibility genuinely considered as a means to optimally make best use of earlier investments as brand new 5G-driven opportunities unfold.


A more powerful 5G – brought to you by Openet.

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As services roll out, expectations and experiences need to be managed and communicated more than ever. 5G will take time to evolve but needs to be done confidently with seamless protection and even enhancement of 4G assets. 4G service continuity will be key and new, 5G-driven services will require consideration of existing network capabilities. Whatever migration option you chose for evolving to 5G, Openet will be with you every step of the way.

For more information on how to bridge the generations and ensure a smoother evolution to 5G, find out more about the Openet 5G Data Bridge.

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