Not just about the "G"

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5G is not just about additional “G-force” i.e. a continuation of 3G and 4G. Rather, it is a revolutionary network architecture that incorporates new concepts such as control and user plane independence, network slicing, open APIs and virtualisation/cloudification that provide the building blocks for operators to deliver a fully immersive and digital experience to their customers.

However, the value of these networks can only be unlocked if they are appropriately managed and monetised. Openet’s proven track record of enabling revenue-generating business models makes us the obvious choice to enable operators to optimise a return on their 5G investments. Our portfolio of 5G monetisation and control solutions allows our customers to fully capitalise on the flexibility and scalability that 5G promises via enhanced self-service, open integration, automation and simplified operations while generating revenue from 5G use cases via edge-based charging and policy.

White Paper - Not Just About The G

5G promises to be different. More than just faster speeds, 5G has the potential to open up many new use cases that will drive new revenue streams for service providers. Being able to manage and monetise these use cases is key. 

Webinar - 5G and Cloud Native

Join this webinar to find out:

  • Why 5G will drive changes in telecoms software with the introduction of a continuous evolution model
  • Why 5G needs real-time coordination of policy, charging and analytics
  • What are sample 5G use cases and how do their network needs differ

Time: 3pm BST/10am ESt

Date: 11th July 2018