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5G will take Digital BSS to another level. The systems that service providers use to manage and monetise services will need to step up to cater for the new advances that 5G will deliver.

TeleManagement Forum reported that for service providers to realise the revenue opportunities of 5G, they need to refresh their OSS/BSS. Beyond the initial 5G use cases of fixed wireless access (FWA) and enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), 67% of total 5G use case revenue is dependent on OSS/BSS transformation.

TMF Value

Smart cities, smart factories, enterprise and consumer IoT, and wide range of 5G use cases will need a new approach to monetisation and control of services. Digital BSS for 5G needs to be based on a micro services based cloud native architecture that supports both network and IT.

True flexibility and controllability combined with web-style interfaces and API’s will ensure the rapid enablement of new services. A plethora of new use cases will be opened up, including Fixed Wireless Access, Massive IoT and Critical IoT driven by slicing ultra-low latency capability and devices that can connect to multiple slices.

5G: Expanding the digital eco-system

This is going to allow new and evolved business models. The need with 5G isn’t just to manage data efficiently but to expose that data in new ways that allow ecosystems of collaborative players, whether made up of applications within a telecom environment, or applications that are outside of that environment, or some combination of both those environments.


5G Ready Digital BSS: Open systems built on automation

Openet’s Digital BSS is 5G ready. We have adopted continuous integration and continuous development, DevOps and essential collaboration between development, security and operations in order to enable the rapid deployment of services. Openet has embraced automation of functions that are required in order to drive elastic scaling as well as new business functions. 

5G Thought Leadership

WHITEPAPER - 5G: From hype to reality

Download this paper to learn which use cases will drive 5G revenues and how policy enables these use cases to be delivered.


White Paper - Not Just About The G

5G promises to be different. More than just faster speeds, 5G has the potential to open up many new use cases that will drive new revenue streams for service providers. Being able to manage and monetise these use cases is key. 

Webinar - 5G and Cloud Native

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  • Why 5G will drive changes in telecoms software with the introduction of a continuous evolution model
  • Why 5G needs real-time coordination of policy, charging and analytics
  • What are sample 5G use cases and how do their network needs differ