Smarter Engagement

Today’s service provider needs to increase relevance in the eyes of their subscribers and digital partners.

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Greater Insight, Personalized Engagement, Increased Revenues

In order to deliver a truly differentiated customer experience, service providers must engage their subscribers. Too often, they are shy about communicating the value they provide, or do not have the technical means to do so effectively.
The need is clear; in order to compete in the modern digital marketplace, service providers must have a channel to “speak” to their customers, not shout to a diverse marketplace but tailor a personalized conversation. To deliver this, a service provider needs the following capabilities:

  1. Insight into the individual subscriber, their usage habits, and the usage profile/patterns of their segment peers
  2. Real-time service deployment capability to match the needs of a service provider in today’s fast moving marketplace
  3. Maximum self-service functionality directed as close as possible to the subscriber, in order to maximize service uptake and associated ARPU, while minimizing service provider costs
  4. Contextual awareness to capture, interpret and utilize all of the data sources that exist across the network and the device, enabling the service provider to deliver the right proposition every time
  5. The ability to interpret all of this data towards the right outcome in real-time
  6. The technical ability to retrofit this capability to the existing IT and Network architecture

With those capabilities in place, the service provider can begin to realize the following benefits:

  1. Maximized offer uptake rates – Contextually targetted offers will achieve more effective uptake
  2. Happier subscribers – Net promoter scores experience dramatic improvement given improved subscriber engagement, and functionality
  3. Faster top ups – subscribers will be made aware of their balance in the right way. No more waiting to run out of credit, now they can be notified in a manner that suits their personal needs
  4. More ARPU – new contextually targeted services can deliver huge subscriber benefit, and associated service provider revenue.
  5. A new care channel – not every subscriber wants to wait on hold. Open up controls around common care requests to see subscriber satisfaction grow, while costs fall.
  6. Greater visibility – real-time understanding, alerts, notifications and thresholds on campaign performance. Know exactly how your subscribers are consuming your services.

Openet provide all of the expertise required to help you to put this type of solution in place, from the technical expertise required to extract the required integration points within a complex network, to the commercial expertise and experience to advise on which services to deploy, and how to deploy them.

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