Amdocs Openet Policy

The Network Brain

Intelligently manage the delivery of network value by ensuring the right service at the right quality is guaranteed to the right customer.

The 5G Brain

Amdocs Openet Policy is the “network brain” that manages and controls essential service characteristics of the 5G network. It enables service providers to control, manage and monetise the enhanced characteristics of the 5G network and open new markets. This places the service provider centre stage in the 5G value chain, as they can now develop offers where 5G network features (especially latency, speed, coverage, capacity and density of services) are central elements of the 5G offer and customer experience.

Policy Designed for 5G

Amdocs Openet Policy plays a critical role in a more flexible and rapid launch of services in the 5G environment and the enablement of differentiated services. A richer set of 5G use cases includes but is not limited to gating controls, QoS, usage monitoring, application detection, roaming controls, traffic steering, “slice” enablement and combinational services. Greater visibility and service control than ever before is more easily enabled by Amdocs Openet Policy.

Rapidly Launch New 5G Services

Amdocs Openet Policy is a new generation of Policy Manager and a foundational function for unleashing more powerful 5G use cases in an evolving, cloud-ready 5G environment. eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), uRLLC (ultra–Reliable Low-Latency Communication) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) use cases will form the key strands for future services for consumers and enterprises. Combinations of these benefits will unleash yet-to-be-imagined services that can provide massive benefits if service providers are first to market.

The 5G Value Plane

Intuitive GUI & Policy Blueprints

Empower non-technical personnel to test and launch services rapidly.

Slice Definition & Access

Easily control service slice features and provide access to enterprise and consumer segments.

Real-Time 5G Service Control

Intuitive, real-time visibility of a more diverse range of services.


Vast New Service Opportunities

Unleash the potential of 5G faster. Openet solutions are chosen for their flexibility and this translates to value for service providers.

Reduced TCO

Extreme usability and stepped deploy mean that cross-functional teams are empowered to release more value.

Market Leading

Trust the best in the business to provide you with the most valuable set of available assets.

Tailored Migration & Deployment Experience

Whatever your starting point the opportunity is optimised. Deploy more easily and in a more managed way. Enable updates and not impactful upgrading.

Supporting New Business Models

Microservices that translate to direct value and scale to meet actual requirements.

Monetisation Synergies

Advanced new services that tightly couple to new value streams; synergy with Openet and Amdocs wider revenue enablers.



The Network Brain – 5G Policy Solution Brief


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Amdocs Openet Policy

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