Amdocs Charging

Monetizing the Network

Launch new experiences and offers quickly with a flexible hybrid charging solution, bridging the monetisation of 4G and 5G.

The 5G “Treasury”

Amdocs Charging has been rated by leading service providers as the world’s leading real-time, convergent charging system. It is the “treasury” that allows service providers to manage emerging rating and charging requirements. It allows extreme convergence and scale in addition to self-service for non-technical personnel and the rapid introduction of new business models that the wider 5G ecosystem is expecting. As such it is a key focal point and a single source of truth for service creation and monetization.

Designed to Disrupt

Amdocs Charging plays a critical role in the flexible configuration, launch, management, monitoring and of course monetization of differentiated services in a provider’s network. It delivers the flexibility required to compose charging orchestration flows for all the new service-enabling functions and partner integrations in the evolving 5G core.

Amdocs Charging

Rapidly Deploy & Update

Microservices-based to ensure ultra-flexibility.

Intuitive GUI

Empower non-technical personnel to test and launch services rapidly.

Cater For New Business Models

Powerfully monetise network assets and customer / partner priorities.


Vast New Service Opportunities

Monetize the potential of 5G services and service chains, faster. Amdocs solutions are chosen for their flexibility and this translates to value for service providers.

Reduced TCO

Extreme usability and stepped deploy mean that cross-functional teams are empowered to release more value.

Market Leading

Trust the best in the business to provide you with the most valuable set of available assets.

Tailored Migration & Deployment Experience

Trust the best in the business to provide you with the most valuable set of available assets.

Supporting New Business Models

Microservices that translate to direct value and scale to meet actual requirements.

Network Control Synergies

Advanced new services that tightly couple to new value streams; synergy with Amdocs Policy and Amdocs’ wider revenue enablers.



The Network Treasury – 5G Charging Solution Brief


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Amdocs Openet Charging

Monetizing 5G at Hyperscale
Inflation Busting
Charging’s Next Phase


Provide consumer business and enterprise customers with rich, innovative offerings by bundling connectivity with your own advanced digital services, and combining them with the best yout partners have to offer.

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