From 40,000 to 40 minutes

Deploy Charging in No Time

Launch new experiences and offers quickly with a flexible hybrid charging solution, bridging the monetization of 4G and 5G.

Launch in Minutes, Not Months

80% of Amdocs Charging is pre-built, allowing 5 pre-configured mobile plans to be launched within 1 hour to allow fast response to market demand. Traditional deployment cycles for new charging engines may take between 6 to 9 months. Now, you can simply activate a dedicated instance of Amdocs Charging within minutes with just the click of a button.

Start Small, Scale Fast

This solution can be made available live on a dedicated public or private cloud instance, depending on a customer’s environment specifications. Available on-demand, this solution boasts a minimal footprint, significantly reducing hardware costs. The flexibility of this solution makes it easily configurable for ‘Just Prepay’ or ‘Just Post-pay’ or both.

Amdocs Charging already serves over 1 Billion people around the world

Ready to Launch Offerings

Launch a new gaming pass, shared family plan and much more within minutes

Continuous Updates

Rely on in-service seamless upgrades and micro-services updates

Only Pay for What you Use

Pay monthly per subscriber to minimize upfront costs


Low Setup Cost

Highly configurable, reducing services dependency

Out-of-the-Box Offerings

Zero code for core offerings serving target markets

Immediate Time to Market

Reach a target segment in hours, adapt offerings in a matter of minutes

Open Integration

Low integration costs, supporting any network and any biller

Evergreen Solution

Continuous updates for security and the newest functionality

Consume as a Service

Only pay for what you use, per subscriber per month



The Network Treasury – 5G Charging Solution Brief


More 5G Value Plane Products

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Intelligently manage the delivery of network value by ensuring the right service at the right quality is guaranteed to the right customer.

Data Fabric >

Transform data into actionable intelligence and revenue-generating events to capture new business opportunities.

Network Analytics >

Predict network performance and proactively manage the isolation of risk to ensure quality of service to 5G customers.

Network Exposure >

Give managed access to 5G features for select partners and create a 5G ecosystem to empower new service innovation.

Amdocs Openet Charging

Monetizing 5G at Hyperscale
Inflation Busting
Charging’s Next Phase


Provide consumer business and enterprise customers with rich, innovative offerings by bundling connectivity with your own advanced digital services, and combining them with the best yout partners have to offer.

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