Amdocs Network Exposure Function

Exposing the Features of 5G to Partners

Give managed access to 5G features for select partners and create a 5G ecosystem to empower new service innovation.

5G Promises Fulfilled

The Amdocs Network Exposure Function (NEF) will be key to fulfilling and delivering on the strategic promises of 5G with partners and stakeholders – both internal and external.

Serve New Markets

With NEF, a service provider can activate and own a fuller range of services end-to-end. Or they can provide a platform for network access and extended capabilities “as-a-service” to B2B partners as well as powering the B2B2X model, resulting in end-consumer services powered by their brand.

Exposing New 5G Capabilities

Access to the 5G network can be managed in a controlled way for key partners as they need to experiment in new service creation. Service providers can now view their networks as a platform asset that empowers an infinitely expandable service portfolio – no matter which combination of relationships the service is delivered through.

The 5G Value Plane

Consolidate & Expose Key 5G Features

New 5G features provide massive value potential. Securely combine and expose them for internal and external service development teams.

Create a Focal Point for Partnership

Prioritise NEF as a key point of focus for efficient network exposure and partner management.

Ensure Faster Time to Market

Leverage the Amdocs/Openet multi-cloud experience to achieve web scale and speed for new offerings.


Rapidly launch innovative new services

5G NEF opens up the promise of 5G as a platform and ecosystem of internal and external developers and innovation. This allows for a more flexible, portfolio-approach to business.

Reduced TCO

Engage with more developer teams and types more easily. Trust in the Openet experience of Cloud.

Market Leading

Backed by software specialists (Amdocs and Openet) with dedication to openness and time-to-market benefits.

Tailored Migration

Whatever your starting point we’ll make sure your position is optimised. Your partnership ecosystem will be future-proofed.

Wider Ecosystem

Leverage the benefits that decades of transformation, media partnerships and lifecycle management will provide.

5G Synergies

Backed by a portfolio of key 5G functions as well as multi-vendor experience.



Built for 5G – Amdocs Network Exposure Function Solution Brief


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Amdocs Network Exposure Function

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