Amdocs Network Data Fabric

Harnessing Data to Unlock New Revenue

Transform information into actionable intelligence and revenue-generating events to capture new business opportunities.

The Data Refinery

Data is the fuel driving the 5G value chain. We enable service providers to realise and monetise their position in the 5G value chain by providing the ability to harness disparate and complex data, transforming and refining it into purposeful value across the business. Amdocs Network Data Fabric is a real-time stream processing engine that can ingest from any source and transform data to a common format for real-time processing and distribution to any downstream application.

5G Data Demands

To capitalise on the opportunities 5G presents, service providers need data processing capabilities built into the fabric of their 5G network with the capacity to translate information into actionable intelligence and revenue-generating events to capture new business. Amdocs Network Data Fabric provides the ‘Data Refinery’ which converts crude/raw data from anywhere into clean/useful data which can be applied downstream to anywhere. Performing at scale, Amdocs Network Data Fabric surpassed the processing of 1 trillion events in a single day.

Paving the Way for Autonomous Networks

Amdocs Network Data Fabric (NDF), combined with Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF), provides the framework for enabling automated networks. Taking data from the network and making it actionable in real-time allows Network Data Fabric to inform machine learning algorithms, which in turn trigger automated decision-making to initiate what is best for the network and business outcomes. This is compared to the network’s traditional dependency on human intervention, which was costly and inefficient. Network automation creates an intelligent feedback loop that enables the network to self-manage and optimise rapidly at all times.

The 5G Value Plane

Intuitive GUI

Zero code approach means business users can engage with the platform.

Easily Configurable

Create new data flows and perform complex aggregations, without technical backend support.


Interrogate data streams in real-time, allowing for distributed tracing, data lineage and statistics monitoring.


Single Source of the Truth

Reduce costs and complexity with a single data processing platform for your 4G and 5G services.

Fast Deployment Through Modular Design

Modules providing standard mediation functions available out-of-the-box.


Enjoy significant reductions in infrastructure, person days for configuration and maintenance and license costs.

Built to Enable 5G Use Cases

Support the real-time processing of high volumes of data to enable 5G use cases.

Zero Code

Engaging with the platform is accessible and intuitive by design, no need for a PhD to configure a new data flow or to source a new report.

Future Proof Performance

Designed with the capacity to scale up an down for 5G data volumes and beyond.



Amdocs Network Data Fabric Solution Brief


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Amdocs Network Data Fabric

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