Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function

Embedding 5G Analytics to Deliver Automation

Predict network performance and proactively manage the isolation of risk to ensure quality of service to 5G customers.

Enabling Autonomous Networks

Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) will play an essential role in the monetisation of 5G and the realisation of autonomous networks. By leveraging NWDAF to standardise data for use and analysis by 5G applications, service providers can proactively manage the level of service and improve the 5G experience for end users. NWDAF is network-aware and can interface with various control and data plane network functions to collect events that are of interest for analysis. As network slicing becomes standard, NWDAF monitors all aspects of each network slice for compliance with relevant service-level agreements.

3GPP-Compliant Standalone NWDAF

A purpose-built standalone Network Data Analytics Function uniquely designed in accordance with 3GPP specifications to provide a fully standards-based 5G analytics capability. Not merely an API connection to a central analytics platform, Amdocs & Openet have expanded our 5G suite to introduce NWDAF as an independent functional component within the 5G core, allowing the analytics outputs to be actioned more efficiently and more dynamically – Realising the full potential of NWDAF and the creation of new automations.

The 5G Value Plane

Intuitive GUI

Zero code approach means business users can engage with the platform.

Easily Configurable

Create new data flows and perform complex aggregations, without technical backend support.


Interrogate data streams in real-time, allowing for distributed tracing, data lineage and statistics monitoring.


Vast New Automation Possibilities

NWDAF opens up the promise of automated networks with 5G and enables a transformative approach to proactive network management.

Reduced TCO

Engage with more developer teams and types more easily. Trust in the Openet experience of Cloud.

Market Leading

Backed by software specialists (Amdocs and Openet) with dedicate to openness and time-to-market benefits.

Tailored Migration

Whatever your starting point, we’ll make sure your position is optimised.

Wider Ecosystem

Leverage the benefits that decades of transformation, media partnerships and lifecycle management will provide.

5G Synergies

Backed by a portfolio of key 5G functions as well as multi-vendor experience.



5G Data Insights – Amdocs NWDAF Solution Brief


Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function

Charging >

Launch new experiences and offers quickly with a flexible charging product, bridging the monetisation of 4G and 5G.

Policy >

Intelligently manage the delivery of network value by ensuring the right service at the right quality is guaranteed to the right customer.

Data Fabric >

Transform data into actionable intelligence and revenue-generating events to capture new business opportunities.

Network Exposure >

Give managed access to 5G features for select partners and create a 5G ecosystem to empower new service innovation.

Amdocs Network Data Analytics Function

Amdocs Openet NWDAF Solution Brief


Provide consumer business and enterprise customers with rich, innovative offerings by bundling connectivity with your own advanced digital services, and combining them with the best yout partners have to offer.

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