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Giving service providers a choice with Digital BSS that’s more webscale than phone company

At Openet we’re about what’s best for our customers. We’re open and against vendor lock-in, and we won’t try and push solutions onto customers if they’re not needed, or tie our customers into one-sided, punitive service contracts. We’re the opposite of the monolithic BSS vendors who want to sell everything to you. We offer choice.  Our solutions range from individual use cases to cost effective adjunct solutions to fully integrated digital BSS stacks.  Also by enabling different delivery models from traditional to DevOps using microservices and As a Service models Openet ensures choice and putting the customer first is at the foundation of how we do business.

Read the industry discussion paper: Changing the Game: Fixing the Broken Operator / Vendor Model


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Increase your trusted advisor status and increase revenues by re-selling our PCC solutions.

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Support your customers in designing, planning and delivering revenue generating solutions.

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Enhance your own solution by integrating with Openet to deliver best in class performance.

Openet in the News

November 12, 2018
November 1, 2018

Openet’s Digital Business Platform acknowledged as game changing approach to BSS.