Openet Policy Controller & 5G

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5G Simplified with Openet Policy Controller

Regardless of additional complexities and challenges as well as opportunities that 5G represents, a fundamental objective of Openet has always been to reduce complexity and this continues with OPC. Industry leading deployment experience: cloud-based software (not hardware), network agnosticism, microservices - these have been part of Openet’s DNA since before 5G was conceived. They are now fundamental to a successful 5G environment.

Opening the network to a broader ecosystem of partners and service enablement will be critical to the success of 5G. This includes ever more powerful access to data and AI. More than ever, opening up to an array of established and emerging partners in everything from gaming to industrial IoT will be core to differentiated value-creation.

More differentiation more often

OPC is at the heart of this value-creation for operators. The combination of connectivity with service-slice potential has been around for some time. It enables more testing of services more often as well as real-time reporting of cleanly controlled differentiation. It enables operators to be at the heart of new service trends, not a mere enabler.

  • Extreme usability, self-service and reporting
  • Greater flexibility enabled by increasing arrays of open interfaces
  • Rapid deployment for cloud-based, micro-services environments
  • Backward-compatible for 4G/5G hybrid scenarios
  • Rapid testing of services / service-slices more often and true differentiation
  • Access to Openet Tier1 DevOps experience where required

Critical Role in 5G

OPC plays a critical role in the rapid launch and control of services in the 5G environment and the enablement of differentiated services. A richer set of use cases include but are not limited to: gating controls, QoS, usage monitoring, application detection, roaming controls, traffic steering, “slice” enablement and combinational services. Greater visibility and exposure control than ever before is handled by OPC.

Smoother Migration with Openet

Every service provider is at a different starting point with 5G, even if they are aiming for standalone (core plus radio) 5G in the coming years. Depending on their particular starting point and available spectrum, operators will have different plans for rollout and use case prioritisation. OPC is designed to rapidly ease this transition while making best use of existing resources. OPC can be bundled with tools to import legacy policy configurations and create a corresponding configuration that is robust in a 5G environment.