Openet’s products are built for 5G. They are designed to enable insight, monetisation and control of 5G services. Flexible policy and control, and monetisation rules can be applied across different services and network slices. They also support policy and charging in the core and also at the 5G network edge. This agility enables operators to monetise different features of the network (e.g. QoS, latency) and open up new opportunities such as B2B, IoT, smart cities and industry 4.0. This can help operators secure a central position in the 5G value chain. 


As well as being 5G standards compliant, Openet products are cloud-native (available on public and private cloud). They are built on mircoservices, use Kubernetes and SBA, and are proven to support DevOps in CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous development) environments. Openet also provide a data bridge between 4G and 5G to enable charging & policy on hybrid networks.

5g best of breed

Best of Breed, Open Systems

Built to be part of Smart 5G core – with our partners.

fast time to market 5G

Open up New Opportunities

Fast time to market – open up new vertical market possibilities.

5g Built for scale

Built for 5G Scale

Openet systems are built for high volume, real-time performance.

5g Hybrid networks

Manage 3G/4G/5G Hybrid Networks

Openet systems enable support for 3G /4G and 5G hybrid networks.

5g solutions




bell 5g

Microservices and DevOps: Leading the world in charging innovation

Telkomsel used Openet’s Digital Business Platform allowing them to provide an end to end Digital BSS suite launching their digital mobile service , by.U.

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Helping Globe turn the Philippines into the digital capital of the world

Globe runs Openet’s Evolved Charging suite to monetise its data services. The Openet charging system went live in 2018 for mobile data services and home broadband was added in 2019.

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samsung hpe

Samsung, HPE and Openet

In November 2019 Samsung Electronics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Openet announced the successful integration of a cloud-native 5G standalone (SA) Core with multivendor interoperability.

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Monetising 5G network slices: Architectural agility will be the primary enabler

Monetising 5G network slices: Architectural agility will be the primary enabler

Find out how architectural agility is key to unlock slicing opportunities. Download this survey, in association with Analysis Mason.