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Personalized Service

Bill Shock

Prevent “bill shock”, build loyalty, and encourage customers to spend more on mobile data and roaming services.

Roaming Controls

Awaken dormant roamers with direct to device data roaming offers

Shared Data Plans

Shared Data allows users to share data balances in real-time with other users and multiple devices.

Tiered Service Controls

Increase data revenue with highly segmented data tiers featuring different usage allowances and interim data limits.

Efficient Operations

Intelligent Network (IN) Replacement

Replace legacy IN systems with convergent real-time charging for all services in a data centric world

Intelligent Video Management

Intelligently identify and prioritize video content when necessary to give customers the appropriate quality of experience.

Network Selection Intelligence

Automatically connect mobile customers to defined mobile and Wi-Fi networks with intelligent offload decisions through integration with policy and charging control systems

VoLTE - Voice over LTE

Ensure high quality of IP-based voice services in LTE networks with a standards compliant policy solution for VoLTE

Business Intelligence

Audience Measurement

Measure viewing habits on cable, IPTV, and mobile networks and across devices for insight and optimized ad revenue

Real-time Revenue Assurance

Openet real-time revenue assurance is a closed loop solution that identifies and actions discrepancies in real-time while also providing comprehensive reporting and usage analytics

Session Record Management

Transform billions of complex network activity records into actionable data for billing and analytics.

New Revenue

Real-time Offer Manager

Increase offer uptake and data revenues by enabling real-time contextual offers direct to the customer device

Sponsored Data

Integrated PCC enables a two sided business model that benefits both the operator and the content provider

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