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Register for this webinar to learn about using intelligence to get a complete view on who is watching TV and video to provide a more personalized customer experience and drive new revenues.

Watch this webinar to learn about how in the move to digital, service providers will sell a wider range of services to their existing customer base, look to deliver an enhanced experience and reduce unnecessary costs. 


Watch this webinar to learn about the evolution of shared data, example of current shared data plans and about how shared data can be an adjunct system to legacy BSS.

Watch this webinar to learn why operators need to measure customer experience at all touch points to develop a Customer Experience Index (CEI).


This webinar focuses on the key findings from the results of a survey carried out by Openet, of 112 operators on BSS and digital transformation. This webinar will focus on operators' views of this transformation.

Watch this webinar to learn how operators can plug the EU roaming revenue gap.

Watch this webinar to learn about how mobile operators are looking to add Wi-Fi as an extension to existing cellular services to provide additional choice for customers and improve network coverage. 

Watch this webinar to learn about how NFV will see the need to manage carrier grade production solutions across distributed systems at scale. These multi-vendor solutions will also feature a rapid evaluation of features and functions in VNF services leading to significant operational complexity.

This webinar focuses on the key findings from when Telecoms.com and Openet surveyed over 1500 telecoms professionals to get their take on big data, including how operators can utilise big data to improve thier CEM strategies.

This webinar focuses on the fact digital is forcing service providers to be disruptive. This is having a major impact on charging and billing systems as service providers look to enable more agile operations.

This webinar focuses in how operators can provide improved CEM by having a full view of all customers’ experiences at all touch points. This includes understanding the context of events such as network faults.

This webinar focuses on how multi-play providers are now using policy control to manager network resources and to develop marketing offers. This webinar presents ten policy use cases that are being used in multi-play environments.