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Customer Experience blog posts

5G, just like its predecessor 4G, has the ability to change the telco world. And like the transition to 4G, 5G will perform at a much higher level than the previous generation. But just like 4G, it will take years to develop and more years for operators to actually see full benefits and be able to fully monetize the technology.  Yet when I attended MWC in Barcelona in February ‘5G’ was one of the main buzzwords circulating among the attendees. In truth the benefits seem endless for 5G.... Read more
With data becoming a commodity, there is very little to differentiate between many operators’ pricing and standard data packages on offer. So operators must be able to stand apart from their competitors on service, and increasingly as operators sell more and more digital services, this service is made up of many more diverse elements. In order to get an overall view of customer satisfaction, operators need to get a holistic view of all the service elements a customer uses, the QoE, the... Read more
The driver for this is purely economic. They need to do this to get an increased share of their customers’ digital spend. If they don’t some CSPs could become irrelevant in the eyes of their biggest asset – their customer base. This renewed focus on the customer is seeing increased investment in CEM. But having a CEM system is well and good, CSPs also need the data to drive CEM. Otherwise it’s a bit like buying a sports car and not putting petrol in it. I read an article recently that... Read more
Openet recently ran a survey of 101 operators on the move to digital. On the question about who’s going to be your most fierce competition, the answer was clear – OTTs. Operators see Google, Facebook et al eating their lunch with an eye on their supper as well. When I discussed these points at the BSS conference, the Facebook speaker quite rightly pointed out that it’s a bit strange that the companies whose services are driving mobile data usage (and thus operator revenues) should be seen as... Read more
However, one thing I have found to be true of all of these events is that there are always running themes. Topics, that no matter what the speaking slot is seem to worm there way into everyone’s presentation, for better or worse. As we near the close of day two, the overriding theme from this event is one that happens to be close to Openet’s heart, the power of the customer. The vast majority of speakers and attendees have discussed the importance of better engaging and understanding... Read more
Analysis from Wi-Fi specialist iPass predicts that by 2018 the planet will have one Wi-Fi hotspot for every eight people. That level of availability is overwhelming. Whether they are commercial or community Wi-Fi hotspots the key point is that they are due to grow at a staggering pace. Mobile users are familiar with using Wi-Fi for data – it’s available in hotels, coffee shops, offices, homes, airports. It’s not uncommon for mobile users to search out a Wi-Fi network as the first thing they do... Read more
In a time when revenues from traditional offerings are decreasing and competition is growing it is hugely important that operators are focused on where they can add real value to their business. Traditionally operators viewed managed services primarily in terms of cost reduction and overall OpEx savings; however, more recently there has been a shift to the role it has to play in customer experience management. This shift is becoming even more pronounced as operators look to leverage emerging... Read more
It isn’t easy to retain and grow subscriber relevance. Most service providers are completely focused on the price and network quality aspects of the engagement. But what about communications? An effective customer engagement strategy is the central tool for almost all of the service providers digital B2C peers. For most service providers today it is still seen only as an advertising tool. What a waste of capability! Engaging with your customers is about communicating value. Digital service... Read more