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Both the conscious and sub-conscious parts of the communications world seem to have arrived at a consensus about how to price data services. Differently, they agree, but how? They simply do not know exactly what will work, but they know that they must – at last – be based on tangible, clear and easy to understand value. Evidence, both anecdotal and based on surveys, points to the next few months seeing the launch of a huge variety of plans, products and pricing models, in order to try as many... Read more
With the holiday season in full swing, there are several million wireless subscribers who are planning to travel internationally. However, many of these roaming subscribers choose to turn off their mobile data or significantly reduce their data usage when visiting family or friends outside of their home network. A large part of this behavior can be attributed to a fear of bill shock, since many subscribers don’t feel comfortable with today’s metered tariffs for roaming and are not in control... Read more
A study from earlier this year reported the number of mobile devices will outnumber the mobile population in 2012 and global mobile data traffic will increase 18-fold between 2011 and 2016. Needless to say, networks across the world should brace for data impact. With subscribers spending increasingly more time on their mobile devices, there is a growing expectation that carriers have prepped and primed their networks to support the inevitable growth of data traffic. However, as many... Read more
Overall, this progression to shared data plans makes sense for everyone. For consumers, consolidating multiple data plans into one giant pool can help save money and remove the headache of managing several different data plans across increasingly multi-device families. For operators, shared data plans open up new revenue opportunities and can potentially lead to more customer stickiness. Additionally, the number and types of devices connected to a network will only continue to grow – for... Read more
It’s London 2012; an excited crowd of 80,000 fans are packed into the Olympic Stadium in London to watch the 100 metres final. Usain Bolt, the favourite for the event, is in the middle of his pre-race warm-up in the designated stretching area. As he finishes his stretching routine and psyches himself up for the race of his life, he takes his place in the blocks at the starting line. BANG. The race starts and Bolt thunders out of the blocks. He runs as hard as he can for 15 metres, building up... Read more
Chances are they’ll be using them in bed, when they’re supposed to be sleeping, and in the classroom when accessing a social networking site seems a lot more attractive than long division. There’s also a chance that they will receive messages that cause them pain or distress, and a possibility that they are using their mobiles to bully other kids. Most parents have rules about how and when their kids can use their mobiles, but there’s the problem: many of these rules are useless because... Read more